Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea

“EU projects of the Port of Trieste: several tools for a smart port”



The presentation gives an overview of the European Projects that the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – Port of Trieste is participating, as lead partner as well as project partner. EU projects represent a fundamental instrument to pursue the mission of the Port of Trieste and to optimise the existing port infrastructures with the final aim to make the Port of Trieste more competitive and more attractive to investors. The port of Trieste is involved in 22 co-funded projects, for an overall budget of 126.7 mln euros and an EU contribution of 32.3 mln euros in the following domains: infrastructures (3 projects), environment and energy efficiency (6 projects), port-inland optimisation (3 projects), culture (1 project), development cooperation (1 project), ICT (8 projects). With a particular focus on ICT, the following projects are presented. One project related to maritime access: INTESA – Improving maritime transport efficiency and safety in the Adriatic (Interreg Italia-Croazia 2014-2020); two projects related to road access: “PORTIS – Sustainable mobility solutions for port cities (Horizon 2020), URSA MAJOR neo (Connecting Europe Facility – CEF); four projects related to railway access and fast corridors: AlpInnoCT – Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport (Interreg Spazio Alpino), PROMARES – Promoting maritime and multimodal freight transport in the Adriatic Sea (Interreg Italia-Croazia 2014-2020), SMARTLOGI – Logistica transfrontaliera sostenibile e intelligente (Interreg Italia-Austria), COMODALCE – Enhancing COordination on multiMODAL freight transport in CE (Interreg Central), FENIX – A European FEderated Network of Information eXchange in Logistics (Connecting Europe Facility – CEF).

Short bio

Dott. Ing. Valentina Boschian, Ph.D., works at the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – Port of Trieste, in the Digital Port Area. Since 2008, her expertise is focused on consultancy activities related to the analysis of ICT impact on new business cases, mainly in the field of transport and logistics. After obtaining a degree in Management Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science Engineering, she worked as a project manager in several international research projects. She is also expert in business model innovation.

Main skills: Analysis and modelling of processes; Assessment analysis (based on KPIs definition); Management of complex systems with analytical models; Analysis of business scenarios, Use Case identification and User Requirement definition; Project management, ICT applications in logistics and transportation management.


  • Dottorato (Ph.D.) in Information Technology Engineering, University of Trieste (2012)
  • Degree in Management Engineering and Integrated Logistics (graduation with first class honours, “110/110 e lode”), University of Trieste (2008)
  • Degree in Management Engineering (graduation with first class honours, “110/110 e lode”), University of Trieste (2003).