This web page was developed to support the Training Sessions Activity within STEP-UP Sustainable Transport E-Planner to Upgrade the IT-HR mobility. Official Website:

 Why to create Training Sessions within STEP-UP project? There is a lack of experts in multimodal transport services in both countries and transport sectors workers need of training sessions in order to improve their competences or transfer knowledge. STEP-UP will realize these sessions with the scope of creating professionals in the field of transport and on the aspects of multimodal mobility and travel planner.

Training Sessions Aim – “Capitalize means to transfer knowledge”. This is the aim of the set of three training sessions, dedicated to partners and professionals (also future ones) in the field of transport. The goal is to educate on the aspects of mobility and travel planners, focusing on topics such as: the optimization of multimodal transport, new business model approaches for the sustainability of STEP-UP over the end of the project, and on collecting, sharing and managing transport data.

Training Sessions Benefits – Sharing experiences can reduce, or even avoid, common technical and organizational problems.

These is an important aspect for the project itself, since in previous projects it was noticed a very limited knowledge of these subjects and on how to deal with it, causing a consequent project delay and made it prone to errors. Moreover, the Training Sessions could also foster the competence of future possible professionals in the fields of Tourism and Transport.

Training Sessions Mode – All the training sessions are first broadcasted as live streaming, allowing participation of all PPs and other concerned stakeholders.

Training Sessions Materials – On this web page the materials of the three training sessions such as slides of the presentations and the links to the video recordings will remain available.

Training Sessions Coordinator – The Training Sessions are organised by a research group, which operates at the Engineering and Architecture Department of the University of Trieste and is coordinated by professor Walter Ukovich.

Tuesday May 7 2019, 09:00

Savoia Excelsior Palace


Wednesday July 24 2019, 10:30


Tuesday September 17 2019