THE WEBINAR is organised as the second Training Session of STEP-UP project, INTERREG ITALY-CROATIA funded by the European Regional Development Funds. The webinar aims to promote the knowledge of the fields of tourism, multimodality and ICT systems applied to passenger flows, and bring attention to development projects involving the Adriatic area between Italy and Croatia.

The invited speakers are both experts within the project partnership and external professionals, all of them own renowned experience in the field they present.
The session, held in English as official language of the project, is free and accessible remotely via webinar.

Valentina Boschian


Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea

“ICT tool in use at the Port of Trieste: the Port Community System Sinfomar”



Sinfomar is the name of the PCS implemented since 2014 and currently in use at the Port of Trieste. It is an on-line platform designed for the management of administrative, tax and customs procedures in compliance with the specificities regarding the Port Authority logistics chain. Indeed, during the design phase of the Sinfomar, the distinctive legislative nature of the Port of Trieste international free zones areas was taken into consideration in all its regulatory peculiarities. The leading stakeholder is the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – Port of Trieste. The development project of Sinfomar involved the entire local and regional maritime industry stakeholders. In particular, having regard to public actors, the following main stakeholders were involved: Harbor Masters, Customs Agency, Finance Police and Maritime Health Authority. Considering the private operators, the following main stakeholders were involved: shipping agents, terminal operators, freight forwarders and inland terminal operators.

From the architecture perspective, the ‘Sinfomar’ is structured in modules and sub-modules based on code languages and international Open Source standards. In particular, technologies related to web-services use XML. The software is constantly under development in order to guarantee the full adaptation of its functionalities/features to the dynamics of constant change related to the global international maritime transport domain as well as its capability to elaborate the increasing volumes of data associated with the Port of Trieste traffic growth rates. Indeed, the constant commitment in ensuring the adaptation capability of the ‘Sinfomar’ is  one of the main objectives of the Port Authority, as to ensure the system compliance with the relevant national and EU applicable rules and international standards.

Short bio

Dott. Ing. Valentina Boschian Ph.D. works at the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – Port of Trieste, in the Digital Port Area. Since 2008, her expertise is focused on consultancy activities related to the analysis of ICT impact on new business cases, mainly in the field of transport and logistics. After obtaining a degree in Management Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science Engineering, she worked as a project manager in several international research projects. She is also expert in business model innovation.

Daniela Vasari


Project manager, solution designer in ITS projects and International cooperation, Pluservice, Technical Assistance of Marche Region (STEP-UP project Lead Partner)

The role of Mobility as a Service



An overview on Mobility as a Service

Short bio

Daniela Vasari graduated in Computer Engineering, in March 2009. She works in PluService since 2009 as Solution Designer for ITS in Passenger Transportation and since 2014 as Senior Project Manager.
She is involved in EU-International-National projects on topics such as Demand Responsive Transport, Multi-modal Traveller Information Systems, Automatic Vehicle Monitoring systems.
She is the Project Manager of several European funded projects.

Romeo Danielis


Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Trieste

“The economics of electric vehicles”



The presentation discusses the economics of electric vehicles. I will anwer the following questions: Why do we need for Evs? Are EVs technologically feasible? Is there an economic case for EVs? Which EVs are available and for which transport modes? Is it possible to decarbonise transport?

Short bio

Romeo Danielis is full professor of Economics at the University of Trieste. He teaches Industrial Economics, Transport Economics and Logistics, and Market and Business Economics.

Giorgia Fanesi


Software analyst and project manager, Pluservice, Technical Assistance of Marche Region (STEP-UP project Lead Partner)

Intermodality for a seamless solution



The presentation is focused on the importance of the Mobility Data to feed travel planner systems with particular attention to the GTFS format.

During the presentation it will be explained what a GTFS is, the structure of the GTFS and how it is possible to create a GTFS based on the dependency through the files txt.

Short bio

After her Master Degree in industrial engineering at the University of Bologna and an internship at IRU, Giorgia Fanesi has worked on ICT projects for PluService s.r.l. and is currently Software Analyst and Project Manager at myCicero.

Andrea Molinaro


Consultant at Studio Peloso & Associati – expert in design thinking, business organization and subsidized finance

“MaaS Business Model”



With this webinar we want to transfer to you specific and clear concepts about business analysis and we will describe strategic tools that we really use working with our clients. Everyday! We will define business model meaning, and then we will talk about design thinking approach for the develop of business models: in particular we will describe the Business Model Canvas method. In the end part we will apply the theory of business model into the world of Mobility as a Service (M.a.a.S.).

Short bio

Degree in economics and business at the at the University of Udine.

Senior consultant expert in design thinking techniques, analysis of business models, sales area development plans and business organization.

Senior funding and grant consultant for R & D and Innovation projects.

Has been collaborating for 10 years with the Studio Peloso & Associati.