Research fellow and research doctor at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering (DEI) of the Polytechnic of Bari.

“ICT tools for a more efficient and sustainable e-mobility model”


With reference to the specific topic on “European Project on mobility and sustainable tourism”, the work shows how ICT tools can allow and assist the transition towards smart and sustainable mobility. In this context, the ICT tools and services developed within the European project H2020 ELVITEN (GA nr. 769926) are described. In particular, the ICT tools are described, including the search service and the booking service for vehicles and charging stations, the ICT platform for monitoring the fleet of electric vehicles, the serious game app and a smart app for incentives. These tools were suitable and indispensable to incentivize and encourage users towards a new mobility that is electric and sustainable.

Short bio

Experience and expertise in the specific disciplinary area of IICAR 10 with particular regard to the issues of energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings, also demonstrated through active participation in national and international conferences, as well as constant scientific production with contributions to international journals.Dottorato (Ph.D.) in Information Technology Engineering, University of Trieste (2012)