Consultant for EU Projects, Zadar Airport (STEP-UP project Partner)

“Participatory governance as a model for urban mobility planning”


The presentation will be a short introduction to participatory governance model, exemplified with an EU project REMEDIO that used this approach to tackle Split city urban mobility issues. The presentation will focus on relevance of participatory governance and why can it be beneficial to stakeholders as well as the public, stakeholder distribution and characteristics and some approaches how to develop participatory governance in practice. Finally, a showcase of REMEDIO methodology and achievements will be discussed.

Short bio

Vanja Lipovac has master degree in cultural sociology (2015). Shortly after, he started an internship in Zadar County department for EU projects and development, where he participated on preparation and implementation of several national and international EU projects. After finishing a year of internship he started working as a project manager for „Foster children rights“ project, financed from European social funds. After the project ended, he started working as a consultant for EU project for Driope. He is mostly focused on projects regarding urban mobility, intermodality, info-mobility and sustainable development.